Justin Bieber is a human too..

im leaving the bulding,

Danmark ;)

I take a break for the summer preliminary.

Youtube fritids!


Er så lei, av vanlig blogging.

Then i am of to...

Pretty little liars sesong 2 ;)

i just write dear diary.

Three days left..

did you really like me.

I have a confession to say

kebab kebab kebab

don't give up, you gonna make it.

Det er jeg som er Lars!

Kattungen Messi <3

Her har dere videoen fra - summer open 2011

everyone has hope !!!! ;)

Zombie kid like turtles

Summer open here i comee.

Sommerjobb !! <3

We gonna beat there ass sparklegirls!

The town!

We're very different, but still stay together..